Since ancient times, we humans have always wondered, do animals have some kind of supernatural senses?

If the answer is yes, naturally, the best use of these amazing powers is to predict the outcomes of sporting fixtures. Paul the Octopus floated to fame with his spot-on punditry at the 2010 World Cup, and in 2018 various animals around the world have been put forward, hoping they too have a sixth sense for sports games.

The 2018 World Cup is underway and whether it’s out of curiosity or you’re hoping to get some betting tips, everyone wants to know what these pet pundits foresee for the near football future.

Many countries have their own animal tipster like Marcus the Pig in the UK, and Achilles the Russian psychic feline.

For Japan, a clairvoyant contender has emerged. Olivia the parrot. A feathered resident of Nasu Animal Kingdom park.

However, the parrot has prophesised an unfortunate outcome for his home country.

Japan’s first match of the competition against Colombia will kick off 9pm tonight Japan time, but according to Olivia, the odds don’t look good for the Blue Samurai.

In order to communicate his predictions, the parrot is presented with three flags. Two national flags to represent the opposing teams and one to signal a draw. Although initially picking up the draw flag, in the end he brought back the Colombia flag, seemingly sealing Japan’s unfavourable fate.

The zookeepers hope this time round Olivia has made a mistake, but he has an impressive track record according to Sankei newspaper. Since his fortune telling career began in 2014 for the Brazil World Cup, this flag snatcher has become known as the ‘Beak of God’, with an 80% success rate.

Hopefully this prediction is one of the 20% where Olivia misses the mark…

By - Jess.