Introducing our new content sharing partner: Japan Shopping Now

Operated by the Japan Shopping Tourism Organization, Japan Shopping Now is a site offering the best, most relevant information and stories about "Shopping Island, Japan," from high-quality technology to traditional crafts passed down from ancient times, or regional specialty goods to anime and gaming subcultures with fans around the world.

The establishment of our content sharing partnership with Japan Shopping Now comes four months after that of our partnership with the online news platform JAPAN Forward, which began in July of this year.

Partnership Starts on November 14, 2018

As of November 14, 2018, our new partner Japan Shopping Now will share stories from grape Japan, with a particular focus on commercial goods and services of interest to Japan-bound travelers.

© Japan Shopping Tourism Organization (screen capture of Japan Shopping Now site on Nov. 14, 2018)

In turn, grape Japan will occasionally share reports on shops and other touristic destinations within Japan, as provided by the whimsical characters of KOREKORE Aliens.

Japan Shopping Now

To learn more about Japan Shopping Now, please visit their website here.

By - Ben K.