Japanese Voices 日本語のままクールジャパン is a regular series designed for learners of Japanese to enjoy real Japanese language programming from Nippon Broadcasting System, one of the biggest commercial radio stations in Japan.

In our first round, we bring you @17 no Gokitaku Shimasenka? あっとせぶんてぃーんのご帰宅しませんか? (@17's Won't You Come Home?), a weekly short radio show featuring the idol unit @17 composed of active maids at the popular @home cafe in Akihabara. Their cafe on the airwaves is open for business, ready to serve masters and mistresses everywhere!

Menu #39: Dreaming About A "Moe Moe Album"

ring, ring!

Welcome home, masters and mistresses!

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Continuing from last time, @17 leader Akarin (whom we interviewed last year), Minarin, Aiku and Kurumi talk about their aspirations for 2019. After chatting about what kind of osechi (traditional Japanese cuisine enjoyed at New Year's time) they enjoyed over the holidays, they get back into discussing their music.

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What kind of album will @17 make in 2019? Who wants to have a solo song? How about an acoustic arrangement? What kind of songs will they make? A special video with behind the scenes footage on a first-run limited edition? Akarin, Minarin, Aiku and Kurumi talk about their dreams for their ideal "moe moe album" in 2019.

The four summarized their dreams on message pads. Can you read what they wrote?


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Menu #39

Post-show talk

If you'd like to read the original Japanese at the show's home page on the Nippon Broadcasting System website:

Menu #39 (1/9): Dreaming About A "Moe Moe Album"

Today's Hosts

NAME: Akarin

Birthday: March 25th
Origin: Kirarin world of idols
Blood Type: Star

Social Media

Twitter: @maid_akarin

NAME: Minarin

Birthday: January 27th
Origin: Kingdom of Rinrin
Blood Type: O

Social Media

Twitter: @maid_minarin
Instagram: minarin_maid_17

NAME: Aiku

Birthday: November 4th
Origin: Kingdom of the Sun
Blood Type: Rechargeable Battery

Social Media

Twitter: @maid_aiku
Instagram: aiku_maid_17

NAME: Kurumi

Birthday: March 13th
Origin: Kingdom of Custard
Blood Type: Cream

Social Media

Twitter: @maid_kurumi1
Instagram: kurumi_maid_17

Special Glossary

  • Goshujinsama ご主人様 = master = male listener
  • Ojosama お嬢様 = mistress = female listener
  • Hoso-jo no oyashiki ni go-kitaku 放送上のお屋敷にご帰宅 = returning home to the manor on the airwaves = listening to the show
  • Hoso-jo no okyuji 放送上のお給仕 = service on the airwaves = broadcasting the show to the listeners
  • Aikome あいこめ = abbreviation of aijo wo komeru koto 愛情を込めること = sending love
  • Moe-henkan 萌え変換 = changing normal language into moe words

More Information


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@17 is an idol unit composed of active maids at the @home cafe in Akihabara (who are forever seventeen). It's also a coming-of-age story in which maids leave the fantasy world of @home cafe and bravely set out to follow their dreams.
In hopes of becoming cute and dreamy pop icons who can make everyone smile, the maids of @17 hope to pursue activities in music, fashion, art, anime and more. Using the magic they learned at home, they hope to deliver the best possible service to "masters" and "mistresses" all over the world. The maids' new adventures begin now!

Website: @17.

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