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We Tried The Nescafe Sleep Cafe And Enjoyed A Refreshing Nap

As we reported earlier, the Nescafe Sleep Cafe opened on March 6th, offering a much needed place in Tokyo where you can take a short nap or even a few hours of sleep in a comfortable environment designed specifically for that purpose, and at an affordable price.

Curious to discover it for himself, one of our grape Japan writers reserved a spot...

Getting to the Nescafe Sleep Cafe

To get to the Nescafe Sleep Cafe, you get off at the Oimachi Station on the JR, Rinkai or Oimachi Line.

Address: 5th Floor, K-2 Bldg., 1-7-7 Ōi Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo 140-0014

Here's the Google Map, in case you need it:


The K-2 Building has a cram school on the first floor, but you'll see the Nescafe sign in the entrance

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Go to the 5th floor

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At the entrance, you'll see a display with the Nescafe Gold Blend Deep Roast they serve and the coffee machines they use to serve it.

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While you wait, you can watch relaxing videos...

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When it's your turn, you'll sign a short information sheet, then you'll get a plastic bag to put your shoes in and put them in a locker. You give your locker key to the attendant and in exchange you'll get a plastic card. Now, you're ready to go inside...

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Almost like a hotel room

Depending on whether you choose the 30 minute nap option or the 60 minute, 90 minute, 120 minute or 180 minute sleep course, you'll be guided to either a reclining chair or a bed.

It's almost like a hotel room, with a comfortable mattress and pillow and a thick comforter.

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On the bedside table, you'll find an alarm clock and the Philips Hue light set to "Relax" light recipe. The attendant will serve you a decaffeinated Nescafe Gold Blend Deep Roast to quench your thirst before you sleep. A humidifier and air purifier is in the corner, providing a comfortable air quality for pleasant rest.

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The pillow and mattress are made by FranceBed and you can choose your preferred softness for both.

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Wake up service

Since you must leave at the end of the time you have chosen, the attendant will come and wake you (at a time of you choosing, usually five to ten minutes before), so you have enough time to get dressed (if you choose to remove some of your clothes) and drink a cup of Nescafe Gold Blend Deep Roast which will be placed on your bedside table.

There's a wash basin available if you'd like to freshen up before you leave.

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When it's over, you'll pay your fee (in this case, it was 1,500 JPY, plus 120 tax, for a total of 1,620 JPY), return the card, receive the locker key, retrieve your shoes, and be on your way.

For an hour of very comfortable sleep, 1,620 is not an unreasonable amount to pay. Considering how close it is to the station and how easy it is to use, it certainly seems to live up to the claims made in the press release. The attendant explained that if you choose a longer sleep (120 or 180 minutes), you'll also have a chance to use the LUUNA intelligent sleep mask and get useful sleep-monitoring information at the end.

For more information about the Nescafe Sleep Cafe, please read our in-depth article here.

To make a reservation

You can make your reservations online (in Japanese) at their website here.

By - Ben K.