When it comes to lip colours, are you more all about pretty pink colours like Princess Serenity, or are your looks a bit more vampy like Black Lady?

Now you can clearly show your allegiance with these lipsticks, a new addition to Bandai's Miracle Romance range which makes cosmetics inspired by the iconic magical girl anime, Sailor Moon. The cases have been beautifully designed to represent two characters who come from the opposite ends of the good-evil spectrum. The pretty cases are also free standing and about 9cm tall so they can be decoratively displayed, as well as used as make up.

Princess Serenity, the preincarnation of Sailor Moon, was a princess of the Moon Kingdom, and as such her dress is pearly white, and gilded with gold accents. The lipstick colour inspired by her character is a subtle and girly pink with a sheer finish.

The Black Lady rouge is inspired by the evil version of Chibiusa. The dress lipstick case is black, deep pink and purple with a daring slit up the side, giving off strong baddie vibes. The colour is a richer pink-red, but still completely wearable day-to-day.

Both lipsticks ensure a jewel-like shiny finish by using jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid as ingredients. They haven't been released yet but can be preordered online on the Bandai website:

Princess Serenity page

Black Lady page

By - Jess.