Source: PR Times

Magical Tanuki Tea Bags Are Perfect for Pom Poko Fans

Ocean Teabag are a company that specialise in the most ostentatious teabags you’ve ever seen.

Often drawing inspiration from nature, they’ve previously made tea bags shaped like jellyfish and giant isopods.

But if you think these aren’t exactly the cutest creatures to choose, you may be more happy with their latest product, an adorable tanuki tea bag!

A common Japanese wild animal, the tanuki, or raccoon dog, is instantly recognisable. In Japanese legends, they are known as magical creatures who can transform themselves to trick humans. The most famous reference to this legend is probably Pom Poko, a Studio Ghibli film about the tricksy critters.

The tea bag tanuki may seem like your average raccoon dog, but there’s a little nod to their magical abilities in the design. The tanuki has a leaf on his head. In the traditional stories, the animals put a large leaf on their heads in order to trigger their shape-shifting powers.

The type of tea inside the bag is hojicha, a roasted green tea with a toasty flavour.

Although in Pom Poko one of the tanuki cheekily says that ‘leaves are amateurs’, in our opinion the addition certainly amplifies the charm of these cute tanuki tea bags.

By - Jess.