Even when you're going for something more fancy, canned tuna is usually not one of those things on your shopping list which you'd consider a luxury item.

Therefore, our readers may be surprised to learn that there is a canned tuna product now available in Japan which costs 5,400 JPY (nearly $50 USD) a can. You read that correctly. That's nearly $50 for a single can. There are no truffles or other luxury ingredients inside. The only ingredients sealed within a can of MAGURO-TORO BLACK LABEL are tuna, olive oil, salt, and a single bay leaf. So then, why the elevated price?

Sold out in 3 days

Luxury canned seafood brand Ocean Princess sold their first lot of MAGURO-TORO BLACK LABEL luxury canned tuna through their online store in the Mon Marche shopping site on May 15th, 2019. The 200 cans of the limited lot sold out in less than three days, attesting to its popularity.

Encouraged by the demand, Ocean Princess is now preparing for a second round of sales beginning on June 1st. This time, 50 will go on sale, and reservations are currently being taken.


Let's consider what goes into a can of MAGURO-TORO BLACK LABEL

Not just any tuna

As you would expect for such a luxury product, the tuna is the best cut of the best kind available.

Ocean Princess only uses albacore tuna caught with a single-hook off the Sanriku Coast of Japan. They are caught in summer, when the albacore tuna's flesh is at its firmest and fattiest. Mr. Miura, a special buyer with an eye for quality, performs a careful triage, singling out the very best tuna of the catch. An expert technician then debones the fish, carefully removing the flesh close to the spine which can taint the taste. The albacore is then steamed in a carefully monitored process, and the fattiest 1% of the fish, the prized ōtoro, is chosen for MAGURO-TORO BLACK LABEL.

Not just any olive oil

Partnering with the albacore ōtoro inside the can is a generous amount of El Dorado Black Label Olive Oil. Manufactured in Andalusia, Spain from Hojiblanca olives, El Dorado Black Label is a medium olive oil with a fresh taste of aromatic herbs and an intense green fruit.

It won the Premier Medal Best of Show in the OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in 2017, the Gold Medal in the same competition in 2018, and the Gold Medal in the New York International Olive Oil Competition in 2018.

Not just any packaging

Each can of MAGURO-TORO BLACK LABEL is made by hand in a limited lot. The overseer personally inspects the quality of each can and hand-writes the unique lot number certifying its quality before the can is placed, together with the product brochure inside an elegant, black box which exudes luxury and quality.

Website and Ordering Method

If you would like to be the proud owner of Japan's most premium canned tuna, visit the MAGURO-TORO BLACK LABEL page here and place your order. The page also has more information on the care and attention poured into each can, as well as recommended ways of enjoying its premium contents.

Note: Bon Marche only delivers to addresses within Japan, so if you don't have one, you will need to use a forwarding service like Tenso, have it delivered to a Japanese friend who can forward it to you, or time your delivery with a trip to Japan and have it sent to you during your stay.

By - Ben K.