FES Watch U: Evangelion Edition

Fans of the eternal classic anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion can look forward to a special collaboration from FES Watch U, Sony's flagship fashion wristwatch featuring a customizable dynamic e-paper display in the face AND the entire strap.

In addition to the very cool Evangelion graphics package for the watch itself, the collaboration also features a custom-print charging stand and an individual serial number, not to mention a handsome box for the packaging.

You can choose from four specially designed motifs expressing famous scenes, elements and symbols Evangelion. Each one fully leverages the unique display possibilities of the FES Watch U, with designs which seamlessly integrate the face and the strap to convey the world of the anime series.

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Evangelion Original Design Motifs

Each motif features elements which automatically change at specific times of the day, following the concept of "life with EVAs."

Let's take a look at the four design motifs:


This motif features four designs from the Evangelion franchise, featuring the logos from three organizations NERV, SEELE, and WILLE, along with straps with custom designs matching each one. In addition to the design for standby mode, the four logos are displayed on a rotating basis at six hour intervals.


This motif features textures representing the main EVAs in the series, fully displayed from face to strap: EVA Unit 00, 01 and 02. In addition to the design for standby mode, the three EVAs are displayed on a rotating basis every 20 minutes.

MAGI system

This motif features designs representing the system interface of the MAGI supercomputer at NERV headquarters. The highlight of this motif is an "emergency mode" which activates at the end of each hour. In addition to the design for standby mode, there is one "normal mode" design displayed from the first to the 57th minute of every hour, then two "emergency mode" designs respectively displayed on the 58th and 59th minute.

Operation Yashima

This motif features the famous Operation Yashima, with graphics representing the "Improvised Power Transmission Schematics" (the countdown timer and status displays during the operation), as well as graphics showing scenes from the battle with the Fifth Angel. In addition to the standby mode, there is one "stable mode" displayed from the sixth to 59th minute of every hour, a "full power" mode showing electric power at 100% and all electricity rerouted to the New Gotemba Substation displayed in the first minute of every hour, the Fifth Angel "hourglass form" as it prepares to shoot an energy beam in the second minute, the positron cannon fired by Shinji's Unit 01 in the third, Unit 01 holding the positron cannon in the fourth, and the Fifth Angel's dying "crystal" form in the fifth minute.

Other items included

In addition to the FES U Watch and access to the graphics package, you'll also get an original carton sleeve with customized graphics saying "2020 Evangelion" for the charging cradle and a serial number sticker to attach. Finally, the entire set comes in a handsome box with the product name and an Eva Unit 01 emblazoned on it.

Pricing and Availability

  • FES Watch U Evangelion Edition Premium Black: 74,000 JPY (excl. tax)
  • FES Watch U Evangelion Edition White: 60,000 JPY (excl. tax)
  • FES Watch U Evangelion Edition Silver: 60,000 JPY (excl. tax)
  • FES Watch UL Evangelion Edition Gray: 51,000 JPY (excl. tax)

White model only available at the Evangelion Store, Silver model only available through DIME from June 14th

Reservation and sales begin on June 5th at Evangelion Store in Tokyo, Hakata as well as other locations. For the full list of locations and to reserve/buy your watch, visit the official homepage for the FES Watch U Evangelion Edition here.

FES Watch U Intro Video

By - Ben K.