If you thought those whisky glasses in Blade Runner looked cool, set your sights on the HOLOYoi Masu.

Stylized in Japanese as HOLO酔い升, the name of this futuristic sake cup produced by Drill Inc. is a clever play on words, the HOLO in hologram (pronounced in Japanese as "horo") replacing the first half of ほろ酔い horoyoi, a Japanese term meaning "a slight (and pleasant) state of inebriation."

Thus, the traditional masu 升 used to drink sake evolves from a plain cypress or cedar receptacle to a cyberpunk sake cup not only pleasing your tastebuds but also offering a technologically-induced "buzz" stimulating your eyes and ears through projected holographic images and enticing music playing from a built-in speaker.

freeangle | © PIXTA

HOLOYoi Masu

Developed through a collaboration between Drill Inc. and digital creative production company Tongullman Co., Ltd., the HOLOYoi Masu places a device which projects images at the base of a masu made of clear materials.

Images such as cherry blossom petals and fireworks seem to appear inside the sake contained within. Moreover, speakers built into the base play music which match the sake, environmental sounds such as babbling brooks or a narrator's voice. The user can thereby appreciate sake with all five senses, tasting while also learning the story of its creation from rice to finished product. It is truly the ultimate way of enjoying sake.

Background Story

For the past ten years, the divide between the domestic and international sake market has grown. While sake's popularity continues to rise abroad, sake shipment volumes for the domestic Japanese market have dramatically decreased. In the hopes of preserving sake culture for future generations, this project aims to solve the problems facing sake through technological means.

It is said that obtaining information on the region and the history of a wine can largely enhance the enjoyment of its taste. Yet sake also has rich background information behind it, such as the beautiful natural environment where it was made, the brewing process, the passion of the producers, and so much more. Just like a wine sommelier can regale you with interesting trivia to enhance your experience, this project aims to turn the masu cup into a vehicle for narrating the story of sake.

By using technology, the project hopes to reach audiences who have until now been relatively uninterested in sake drinking, such as women and young adults, thereby contributing to the revitalization of the sake market.

Commercial product plans

Drill Inc. and Tongullman Co., Ltd. are currently working towards turning the HOLOYoi Masu into a commercial product, and are busy creating a system in which the cup will be linked to a smartphone application. The user will be able to scan the sake label, then the app and HOLOYoi Masu will generate an experience, projecting holographic images and playing sound data corresponding to that particular sake.

June 26th and 27th: "HOLOYoi Masu" Experience Event

If you have plans to be in the Tokyo area next week, you'll be able to experience HOLOYoi Masu first hand.Here are the details:

  • Date: June 26th (W) and June 27th (TH)
  • Time: 18:00 to 21:00 (JST)
  • Place: PAVILION
  • Address (JP): 〒153-0051 東京都目黒区上目黒1-6-10 中目黒高架下
  • Address (EN): Nakameguro Koukashita 1-6-10 Kamimeguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0051
  • Price: 500 JPY


  • Sake will be charged separately.
  • There will be a table charge of 350 JPY (excl. tax)
  • Depending on how crowded it is, you may need to wait for your turn.
  • No minors (under 20) allowed.
  • The event will end when sake supplies have expired.


By - Ben K.