It has been scientifically proven that petting cute animals can lower the stress of humans. But this cat cafe in Osaka are going in for a dose of extra relaxation by offering another well-known peaceful activity to their roster.

The public bath house themed cafe, called ‘Neco Yokujo’ (Cat Bath House), allows you to cuddle up to a cute feline while dipping your feet in a calming foot bath.

You can also add a healthy dose of nostalgia to the list of benefits that can be gained at this cat cafe. The interior has been decked out like a Showa era public bath house. A giant Mount Fuji mural on the wall is a classic marker of these bath houses and this establishment have their own take on it.

The colourful painting has cat steps installed, so we can see the kitties appearing to enjoy a little mountain climbing.

The catwalk, which allows the cats to pad around above the customer’s heads, has clear acrylic bowls for the cats to relax in, allowing customers to see one of the most stress-relieving sights in the world. The cats’ squished toe beans.

All the furry friends housed in the cat cafe are rescue cats, and visitors can even adopt a cat if they find one they particularly bond with.

Next time you’re in Osaka, get de-stressed with the ultimate combination of cute kitties and a hot foot bath!

Check the Neco Yokujo website for more information!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.