Matcha, a classic element of traditional Japanese desserts has exploded in popularity in recent years, with plenty of eateries in Japan serving up their own matcha creations. The green tea boom has inspired countless menu items including desserts, drinks and even savoury items like curry and noodles.

Every fall season, McDonalds Japan do their bit for the green tea lovers among us and release a line up of limited time only matcha drinks. The fast food chain take pride in the fact that they use Uji matcha, green tea sourced from the famous Uji area of Kyoto. Uji matcha is regarded as a superior quality green tea due to its rich taste and bright green colour.

But it’s not just green tea fans with something to look forward to this time around, chocoholics should also be interested in this year’s special matcha frappe due to the addition of the popular cookie treat, Oreo, as a topping.

The Choco Matcha Frappe is topped with indulgent chocolate whipped cream, and Belgian-made couverture chocolate (a type of chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa butter) was used to create the sauce. The bitter Uji matcha has been mixed with milk for a more delicate taste and made into the icy frappe base of the drink. The delicious chocolate and green tea combination is then topped with Oreo cookie pieces to add a crunchy dimension to the drink.

Source: McDonalds Japan

But if you prefer to let the matcha shine without the super sweet chocolate interfering, there’s three other green tea-licious beverages in the line up.

The Matcha Latte Frappe has lots of rich matcha powder to counter mild taste of the milk. The white whipped cream and extra green tea powder on top beautify the icy beverage as well as make it a bit more luxurious.

Source: McDonalds Japan

The matcha latte has both an iced and a hot version, perfect for the changeable autumn weather.

Sadly, these beverages are limited time only and will be available until around mid-October. They also won’t be on the standard McDonalds menu, they can only be picked up in McDonalds branches in Japan with a McCafe in store.

By - Jess.