Hot chocolate is the perfect drink to warm up with this festive season, and Japanese store Botanist are taking the chance to make some of the most Christmassy and Instagrammable hot chocolates going.

The brand Botanist actually makes hair and body care products, but they’ve crossed over into cafe territory with their set-up in the trendy haven of Harajuku. The cafe has become known for their aesthetically pleasing drinks and desserts that also claim to have detoxing and beautifying effects among other health benefits, thanks to the use of superfoods and fresh ingredients.

For the holiday season, they’ve come up with some Christmas tree inspired hot chocolates which look as ostentatious as they are delicious.

Since the whipped topping is tree shaped, Botanist are giving customers the chance to customise the decorations, just as they would with their own tree at home.

Firstly patrons can pick the actual flavour of the hot chocolate which will determine the colour of the ‘tree’. Matcha will give you a classic green tree made of green tea cream, while choosing cacao will land you with a snowy white base instead, formed by fresh whipped cream.

Then you can move onto the toppings, choosing two types to sprinkle on your tree. There’s feuillantine (a crispy French confection), edible silver balls, rose petals (it is Botanist after all) or chopped nuts.

Customers can then choose one ‘point’ decoration, as in a main focus point for the tree’s design. There’s a few Christmas-themed cookies to pick, or if you prefer you can opt for a ‘winter marshmallow’.

And there you have it! Your perfect festive hot chocolate customised just for you!

These special seasonal beverages are only available from the beginning of December to 25th, and will set you back 800 yen.

Botanist Cafe Website

Address: 150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae 6-29-2 Sukegawa Building 1F BOTANIST Tokyo

Nearest Station: Harajuku or Meiji-jingumae

By - Jess.