Not that we needed more reasons to visit, but this holiday period Pokemon Centre’s across Japan launched a whole new range of festive goods, to ensure All You Want For Christmas is…Pikachu! The aptly titled “Pokemon’s Frosty Christmas” range was “white Christmas” themed and featured all manner of adorable goodies decorated with snowy scenes of Pikachu and pals designed to warm hearts this winter! Unfortunately the collection was a little too wonderful and sold out almost immediately. So, we’ve created this retrospective report to bring Pokémon Christmas magic to you in digital form.

Adorable Pokémon Frosty Christmas motif/ Source: Toby M

The range centred on this gorgeous motif showing various Pokemon in snug winter ware, celebrating beneath a snowy Christmas tree. With baubles, advent calendars, a snow globe, and tonnes of stationery featuring this theme, Pokefan’s needed an extra big stocking this year! So let’s unwrap this collection and review em all to see which decoration is the very best!

Frosty Christmas Baubles

Frosty Christmas Baubles/ Source: Toby M

Pokemon baubles, showing Sylveon and Pikachu wearing their best Christmas dresses and frolicking amongst gifts, are beautiful and will outshine even the sparkliest star on your Christmas tree. The ornaments came in traditional blue and red and were filled with milk and pink chocolates to enjoy before hanging them on the tree.

Price: 700 JPY

Frosty Christmas Plushies

The stars of the Frosty Christmas range were these 3 plush Pokemon in their fluffy winter coats, perfect to snuggle up to on a cold December Night. All 3, Charmander, Pikachu and Sylveon, have unique costume designs.

Sylveon’s coat was snow white and embossed with an elegant snowflake motif. Pikachu looked like the king of Christmas in a fluffy fur lined coat and carrying a little Christmas present. Finally, Charmander was tucked in to a reindeer onesie, complete with a fully functioning jingle bell attached to a sprig of holly that looks like a bow tie!

The hoods of their coats can be put up and down depending on whether you wanted to squeeze them out in the snow or in front of the fire.

Price: 2000 JPY

Frosty Christmas Snow Globe

Frosty Christmas Snow Globe/ Source: Toby M

You could make Pikachu and Sylevon’s winter wonderland even more wonderful with this Frosty Christmas snow globe. In their white coats beneath the star topped Christmas tree, they look like angels heralding a blizzard of kawaii!

Price: 3000 JPY

Frosty Christmas Stationary

Frosty Christmas Pencil Case/ Source: Toby M

The collection contained pens, pencil cases and document wallets decorated with the Frosty Christmas motif, perfect for students of all ages to help you get through Winter exam season. The stationary could be shaken to create a flurry of star shaped sequins that sweep across the design like actual snow!



Sparkling Pencil Case 1,200円

Sparkling Pencil Pouch 1,500円

Sparkling Notebook 750円

Sparkling Clear File 450円

Frosty Christmas Face Towels

Frosty Christmas Face Towel/ Source: Toby M.

You definitely need the Pokemon face towel to wipe away tears brought on by cuteness overload as you browse the Pokemon Christmas goods. The face towel and hand towel showed Pikachu and pals gathered around a snow coated Christmas tree exchanging gifts. New Sword and Shield starters have also been invited to this Poke-party! There was no better way to prevent Jack Frost from nipping at one’s extremities than burying them in this adorable scene this Christmas.


Hand Towel 600円

Facetowel 1,200円

Frosty Christmas Advent Calendar

Anyone lucky enough to acquire this calendar began every day with Pokemon this December. The box type calendar showed Pokemon frolicking in the snow on the outside. Unfolding like your very own Pokémon adventure, the inside contained numbered boxes 1 – 24; each illustrated, front-and-back, with special Christmas Pokemon characters and filled with chocolates and cookies.

Price: 2300 JPY

The collection went on sale November 2nd. It was set to be available throughout the Christmas period in Pokemon Centres across Japan, while stocks lasted. At present, a few items like baubles may still remain, but the bulk of the collection sold out quickly, no doubt to Santa looking for contents for his sack. For those of us who missed out this year, let’s hope the Pokémon centre out does itself in Christmas 2020! In the mean time, have a poketastic Christmas!

By - Toby M.