In preparation for 2020 and the Olympics, new things like stations, facilities, and new areas are opening one after another.

Additionally, many products are already appearing on the Japanese market, some of which Japanese people anticipate will be the next boom for this year.

For one thing, according to Fuji TV’s research on Mezamashi TV, the “maboroshi no croissant” 幻のクロワッサン (phantom croissant) will be back on sale and "leveled up" versions will appear.

Here are some of the other items you may want to pay attention to this year:

Electric Kickboard

In Europe, at least, electric kickboards are frequently used by people. However, since I began living in Japan, I haven’t seen anyone using it. That is set to change in 2020. Electric kickboards will finally get some attention and will be released as a next-generation vehicle in Japan at Bic Camera.

A safe vehicle that can be used even by elderly people is one of the most recommended items for this year. The “Ninebot Kick scooter ES2” which weighs around 12.5 kg can be bought for 100,000 yen (tax excluded). You can adjust the speed to your preference and you can go as fast as 20 km/h. If you charge it for 3.5 h, you can run for at least 25 km!

Unfortunately, in Japan, it is considered a motorbike, so you’ll need to have a license to ride one.

Sony’s BRAVIA A9G series TV

An unusual TV which is indeed suited for the Reiwa period.

The screen looks amazing and watching it will make you feel like you are inside of the show. That's not only because of the screen but also the sound! Compared to other TVs, this one not only has realistic images but also a unique feature that allows you to enjoy realistic sounds, too.

If you look behind the TV, you won’t be able to find the speakers because the sound comes from the screen, which itself has the role of a speaker. Therefore, sound comes out directly towards the viewer. If someone walks from left to right, they will hear the sound coming from the left aimed directly at the viewer.

The price of Sony Bravia A9G is around 473,513 yen (tax included). It's a highly-recommended television this year, especially with the Olympics coming.

The micro-wassan, a mini croissant sold out in only one month!

A 5 cm croissant that fits into your hand, it's very cheap and tasty and it will be back on sale.

Baked carefully at 175 degrees for around 25 minutes, it has a delicious crispy dough you won’t be able to get enough of! What's more, you can buy a pack of 14 mini-croissants for only 369 yen!

Puchi Puchi Shake Hogushi

You can find Puchi Puchi Shake Hogushi ぷちぷち鮭ほぐし flaked salmon by Hokuya in Kitano Ace supermarkets. For only 599 yen (tax included), you can buy a 120 g jar. Use it on top of rice and many other dishes. Simply delicious!

The evolving Eco Bag of 3COINS

The 300 yen Eco bag from 3COINS has 2 compartments and the upper one is for eggs or products that can easily get squished. Very benri (convenient!)

By - cinnamonellie.