If you like Dondurma, the Tukish style ice cream known for its chewy and stretchy consistency, then you'll be happy to know there's an dessert bar in Japan which has a very similar texture. It's called Milcrea, and it's made by Akagi Dairy Co., the same company that makes the famous GariGari Kun line of ice candy.

Created only by blending air and dairy products, Milcrea is an exciting combination of a rich chewy ice cream center wrapped in a flavored coating. Three delicious varieties are available: strawberry, chocolate and Uji Matcha.

Introducing the Necchiris

Now, in a new campaign starting today, Milcrea is launching original mascot characters called "Necchiris" ねっちりーず. Named after the word ねっちり necchiri meaning stretchy or sticky, these cute characters will be featured in advertising and goods until the end of February 2021.

The Necchiris are:

  • Necchirize representing strawberry flavor Milcrea
  • Necchirino representing chocolate flavor Milcrea
  • and Necchirimo representing Uji matcha flavor Milcrea.

Milcrea flavors

Campaign Details

300 customers who buy an assorted flavor box of Milcrea will receive an original Necchiris QUO card and a double pack of two assorted flavor boxes. Moreover, 700 customers who weren't chosen in the first round will win Necchiris original masking tape. (After September 2020, 50 winners will receive a standard QUO card).

For more information on Milcrea and the Necchiris, please see the official website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.