Heightened concern over the spread of the coronavirus in Japan has resulted in a shortage of sickness masks (which in turn has led now prohibited mask resale and even mask theft). While both the Japanese government and helpful voices on social media have provided instructions on how to create your own makeshift mask out of household materials, Japanese model Yumeno Asahina recently took to Twitter to show how you can turn an old bra into a mask--should you need to.

Here's Asahina modeling the mask as sort of a bra Bane.

Asahina explains that aside from a bra, you only need a needle and a thread. The below Tweet is pretty self-explanatory, but the above images show where to cut, the middle image the three spots to stitch, and the bottom the finished product.

She went on to say that it didn't feel all that different in terms of comfort or ease of breathing than most commercial masks, but noted that as a bra it would probably get stuffy after a while. While she admits to having done it sort of half-heartedly as a gag, she says she would use it if she really needed a mask and couldn't find one.

A follower made the point that that a lot of men exactly have bras lying around to do this with. Asahina succinctly replied, "Your mom."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.