The spread of the novel coronavirus in Japan has caused a shortage of medical supplies, with sickness masks chief among them. While many have turned to government instruction and helpful DIY Twitter tips on making their own masks (including a Japanese model who comically converted her bra into one), a junior high school student in Yamanashi prefecture has decided to make masks for those in need.

First year junior high school student (13 years old) Hime Takimoto from Kofu city recently donated 612 handmade masks to the prefecture, Sankei News reports. "When I saw all these long lines in the drugstore, and heard that people were reselling masks online at marked up prices and that people who needed masks weren't getting them, I asked my mom to break down my otoshidama (New Year's gift money given to children in Japan) and bought the material to make masks," Takimoto said.

Yamanashi Governor Kotaro Nagasaki received the batch of handmade masks from Takimoto personally, saying he was touched by her efforts, and that he wants to distribute the masks to facilities looking after children and the elderly.

Each mask comes with an attached message of "I'd be happy if this could be of use to you."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.