Character cafes are an integral part of Japan’s geek culture and this spring, fans of the vocaloid genre are being treated to a seasonal menu thanks to a legend of the game, Hatsune Miku.

The cherry blossom inspired cafe, entitled ‘Sakura Miku’ is currently taking place in the Animate Cafe located in otaku haven Akihabara, as well as in Osaka.

The peppy idol character perfectly suits her cherry blossom makeover which can be found within the menu, on the random coasters given out to customers and the exclusive goods available at the cafe.

Ideas for the original menu were crowdsourced from fans, resulting in some cherry blossom inspired crowd pleasers, including mains, desserts and drinks.

Encapsulating the spirit of a cherry blossom viewing picnic is Sakura Miku’s O-hanami Bento (1000 yen).

The Chazuke (1100 yen) is another sakura-inspired dish.

Also evoking all the fun of a hanami picnic is the sakura-themed sweets set (850 yen).

One of the many pink drinks on offer is amazake milk tea (600 yen).

The full menu can be found on Animate’s website.

Of course there's exclusive merch on offer too. Seven different illustrators were recruited to create original designs perfect for the season which adorn products such as acrylic stands and even a handy lunch box perfect for your own Miku-themed hanami picnic.

Unlike many other themed cafes, there’s no reservation system for the Sakura Miku Cafe, so you can go whenever. This springtime event is only running until 20th April. Please refer to the official websites and Twitter accounts for opening times and up-to-date information.

By - Jess.