If you're interested in gyaru fashion, or Japanese television variety shows, chances are you've seen Yuki Kimura, aka Yukipoyo. The half-Japanese, quarter Filipina and quarter Spanish model and tarento (television personality) first gained a following as a popular reader model for the fashion magazine, egg, and has been a regular on Japanese TV variety shows since 2018. Outside of Japan, she is most widely recognized for her appearance on The Bachelor Winter Games in which she was eliminated (arguably unfairly) in Episode 3.

In 2019, Yukipoyo came out with her first photobook Yuikipoyogram, her gravure DVD-ROM YukipoyoTube, and recorded her first single with Japanese rapper SLOTH called アイタイ アエナイ (Aitai Aenai).

Yukipoyo's Mekkawa Gyaru Matsuri

If you're cooped up at home and are looking for a good way to enjoy your Friday afternoon, then tune in to Yukipoyo's Chippoyo TV Channel Tomorrow, Friday, March 27th from 13:00 (JST) for a festival of gyaru fashion, music and entertainment called "NAVANA WIG Presents Yukipoyo no Mekkawa Gyaru Matsuri! by 'Chippoyo TV!'"

Show Lineup

The show, organized to commemorate Yukipoyo's original design wig made in collaboration with NAVANA WIG, has quite the lineup planned. Celebrity guest DJ Hello Kitty, scheduled to appear as the closing act, will surely entertain you.

DJ Hello Kitty collaboration song "Kawaii" World premiere livestream!

Yukipoyo is a lifelong Hello Kitty fan so being able to team up with her was a dream come true. Her collaboration with DJ Hello Kitty resulted in the single "Kawaii," which will have its livestream performance premiere on the show and official release on the same day. You can see a teaser for the song here:

True to its name, it's a kawaii-filled EDM track with a catchy future house sound and Yukipoyo on vocals.

Yukipoyo & SLOTH new single "Mekkawa ~Isshō Gyaru Sengen!~" performance + Yukipoyo & Hana talk show

Their second collaboration together, Yukipoyo and SLOTH have a new single "Mekkawa ~Isshō Gyaru Sengen!~"「めっかわ ~一生ギャル宣言!~」 which they'll perform live, after which Yukipoyo will have a talk show with model Hana 華, who starred in the music video.

You can see the making of the soon-to-be-release music video for the song here:

Talk show commemorating the release of the "Yukipoyogram 02" photobook

Fans who enjoyed her first photobook will be pleased to know that Volume 2 is going to be released on March 31st. Yukipoyo and photographer Hidekazu Maiyama will talk about "Yukipoyogram 02" and reveal fun behind-the-scenes information.

Other features

And that's not all. There'll also be:

  • NAVANA Queen 2020 wig beauty contest
  • Gyaru style workshop in commemoration of the release of "Yukipoyo no Gyaru no Kyokasho 'Issho Gyaru Sengen!' Stylebook" ゆきぽよのギャルの教科書「一生ギャル宣言!」スタイルブック
  • NAVANA WIG×SHIBUYA STYLE SPRING COLLECTION: A fashion show with NAVANA WIG collaborating with popular brands CECIL McBEE, EGOIST, GYDA, Delyle NOIR, LIP SERVICE, RESEXXY, and beachme.
  • A performance by girls dance vocal group FAKY and a solo performance by rapper SLOTH
  • "egg stage" featuring popular models from egg singing and dancing parapara, and a talk show
  • "Model Press stage" featuring popular YouTubers Miley Aoyama and Minori Inudo.
  • Performance by dancers from Burlesque Tokyo in Roppongi

For all the details on performers, times and more, visit the "NAVANA WIG Presents Yukipoyo no Mekkawa Gyaru Matsuri! by 'Chippoyo TV!'" official home page here.

By - Ben K.