In an effort to increase awareness of the novel coronavirus in Japan and promote correct knowledge about infection prevention measures, Japan's Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour has collaborated with the semiannual fashion festival Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) to produce a video (see below) targeting the younger generation who may not fully realize their responsibility in flattening the curve.

Entitled "Let's take action! 新型コロナウイルス感染症予防のためにわたしたちができること" (what we can do to prevent infection from novel coronavirus), the video introduces messages by 13 popular models from the "Mynavi presents 30th Tokyo Girls Collection Spring / Summer Collection," which was originally scheduled to take place at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium on February 29th but was then held without an in-house audience and broadcast on LINE Live due to the coronavirus outbreak. Some of the models are also top influencers and television personalities.

Messages (in order of appearanace)

Yua Shinkawa 新川優愛

I'm paying attention to washing my hands and gargling diligently. I've always been the indoor type, so I'm often at home, but when I have to go out to do something, I avoid crowded areas and times when I plan the route to my destination.

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Ren Ishikawa 石川恋

I think that making sure each and everyone of us raises our awareness of infection prevention in our lives is the key to ending this situation as early as possible. I wish with all my heart for everyone's health and safety.

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Manami Enosawa 江野沢愛美

As soon as I come home, I wash my hands and gargle! Let's all pay attention, beginning with the small things!

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Erica 愛花

These are uneasy times but I'm sure there are many good things waiting for us when it's over, so, for a while longer, let's all support each other and do our best!

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Sae Okazaki 岡崎紗絵

I wash my hands diligently, of course, but I also clean things like my mobile phone with disinfectant wipes every day!

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Saya Kagawa 香川沙耶

To the extent possible, I'm finding ways to enjoy the time I spend at home, and I'm using this time for self-reflection and positive thinking!

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Kanon 香音

I got the impression that the time spent together with my family which I gained by not going out is truly precious. Let's spend this time being considerate towards the important people in our lives.

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Rinka Kumada 久間田琳加

I'm being careful to wash my hands and gargle diligently, and wipe my mobile phone when I come home!

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Ami Komuro 小室安未

Just before going out and when I come home, I wash my hands and gargle, then rub my hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer gel!

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Naomi Trauden トラウデン直美

In order to maintain a strong immune system and prevent infection from novel coronavirus, I'm paying more attention than usual to my diet, getting enough sleep and doing exercises which I can do at home! I hope I'll be able to see everyone again soon.

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I'm being careful to diligently disinfect things with alcohol!

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Neo ねお

I'm going to renew my efforts to post videos so that people can enjoy their time at home as much as possible! Let's do our best togetther!!

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Sachi Fujii 藤井サチ

I'm being careful to stay healthy by eating lots of vegetables and following a balanced diet!

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Yua Shinkawa has an additional message at the end addressing the problem of false rumors causing irresponsible shopping behavior:

Yua Shinkawa 新川優愛

I hope people won't be misled by false rumors and that supplies will reach those who need them most. While paying attention to and thoroughly following anti-coronavirus measures, I look forward to the day when I'll be able to laugh and spend time with everyone at TGC!

The video ends with a message enciting young people to act responsibly.

Concluding panel

It is said that we, the younger generation, are at lower risk of becoming seriously ill, but there is a possibility that we can spread the virus to those who are at high risk. To hasten the day when all of us will be able to meet again, each and every one of us should pay attention to our actions!

"Campaign for all of us to fight together as 'One team'"

You can watch the video here

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By - Ben K.