If you’re a Pokemon fan who likes to proudly proclaim your love for the series through what you wear, this year has given plenty of chances to be the trendy Pokemon trainer you always knew you were. While Pokemon Shirts has got Pokemon-inspired business wear covered, Adidas’ recent Poke-collab brought out the perfect activewear for the trainer on the go. Recently we even got treated to Pokemon themed underwear, so now for the finishing touch, Japanese accessory brand Palnart Poc are coming through with some adorable jewellery.

There’s plenty of cute Pokemon characters that lend themselves well to the sweet and dreamy jewellery that Palnart Poc creates. All their pieces are made in Japan, and meticulously coloured by artisans.

The two companies have worked together before, and the result was so popular that they’ve decided to do it again. This time, the jewellery is an all-stars lineup of fan favourites, encompassing seven adorably whimsical accessories.

When mentioning fan favourites, you can’t help but to envision his cheeky yellow face. Pikachu is the first in the collection, becoming the inspiration for a super cute brooch (4000 yen). Pikachu is clutching his beloved ketchup, and in a sweet little detail, the contents of the bottle is spilling out slightly.

Jigglypuff makes an appearance in two pieces of jewellery. The dangly earrings (3800 yen) show him drifting away thanks to some heart-shaped balloons, and the necklace (3200 yen) celebrates the pink Pokemon’s enviable vocal skills.

Mew has turned into a cute star-catching ring (3800 yen) and his long tail, which twists around to form the ring, can be adjusted to the perfect size.

Eevee fans are treated to two items, a cute necklace (3600 yen) with a flower adorned Eevee, or a snazzy Eevee-shaped pin (2200 yen).

Butterfree also flutters onto the scene on an adjustable ring (4000 yen), admiring a pretty flower.

This collections will be released from 28th April and can be found in the Palnartpoc online store, as well as their store in Shinjuku Lumine, Village Vanguard online store, and Kiddy Land (Harajuku and Umeda branches).

By - Jess.