In response to a shortage of hand sanitizer due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Japan's health ministry decided to exceptionally allow beverages with an alcohol concentration of at least 70% and no higher than 83% to be legally marketed and used as disinfectant.

This has prompted brewers to begin production of high alcohol content beverages.

Kusunohana Flavored Spirits 75

At the Kusunohana Distillery, which just received its manufacturing license in April, Stilldam Saga Co., Ltd. has developed "Kusunohana Flavored Spirits 75," a craft spirit with a mild lemon scent and a concentration of 75% alcohol.

To make it, they carefully processed the peels of organic Kashima lemons, dipped them in pure rice junmai shochu liquor from the local Tenzan Sake Brewery, and redistilled it using the Dutch distiller, iStill.

You can enjoy it on the rocks, diluted with water, or in cocktails. And since it contains 75% alcohol, it can also be used as a substitute for alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Normally, the retail price is about 3,000 JPY, but in view of the current situation of the spread of new coronavirus infection, Stilldam Saga Co., Ltd. is providing it at the reduced price of 1,700 JPY so it can be more readily purchased for anti-virus purposes.

Product Information

  • Name (JP): 楠乃花フレーバード・スピリッツ75
  • Name (EN): Kusunohana Flavored Spirits 75
  • Volume: 375 ml
  • Alcohol: 75%
  • Price: 1,700 JPY (excl. tax)
  • Ingredients: pure rice junmai shochu (Tenzan Brewery), lemon peel (Kashima)
  • Manufacturer: Stilldam Saga Co., Ltd.
  • Sale date: From May 1st, 2020
  • Limited production of 1,000 bottles

For the time being, Kusunohana Flavored Spirits 75 will be sold at the following liquor stores in Saga Prefecture:

Super Morinaga supermarkets (10 locations), Tamaya Saga (Nakanokoji), Yamada Liquor Store (Akamatsucho), Shimenawa (Konohigashi 1-chome), Asahiya (Nabeshimamachi Kakihisa)

By - Ben K.