In sake brewing, shibori 搾り, or more formally, jōsō 上槽, is the pressing stage of sake production. The sake mash, or moromi 醪, is pressed to separate the rice solids from the alcohol, thereby yielding sake and sake lees, known as sakekasu 酒粕

Warehouse Japan, which makes fine Japanese sake by working with small but high-quality breweries, will be offering a unique opportunity to learn about sake brewing by conducting their first-ever livestream of the shibori process on their YouTube Channel, courtesy of Miyoshikiku Brewery in Tokushima Prefecture.

Master brewer Mamiya (R) and assistant brewer Udaka (L) at Miyoshikiku Brewery Co., Ltd. | © PR Times, Inc.

Livestream information

  • Event: WHJ Miyoshikiku Shinshu (new sake) shibori livestream
  • When: May 22nd (Fri.), from 10:00 AM (JST)
  • Where: Live from Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery
  • Livestream: Warehouse Japan official YouTube Channel

If you'd like to order the new sake yielded from this pressing, you can sign up to their buying club for the current promotion until May 25th at Warehouse Japan. Details are available here.

By - Ben K.