An ode to garlic

Garlic lovers can sometimes wax poetic about the object of their desire. With its beautiful white bulbs and pungent aroma, the way its essence adds a delightful kick to dressings and sauces, the way it imparts its flavor to meats and gains complex sweetness and savoriness when roasted in the oven, garlic just begs for compliments. There is one downside to being a garlic-lover, however, that even the most avid alliumphile will admit to, and that's garlic breath.

It's one thing to join a group of people collectively feasting on garlic-rich foods, but the prospect of having a serious case of bad breath will usually deter all but the most brazen of garlic-lovers to avoid a heavy dose before going back to the office, going out on a date, or other social situations.

However, during the novel coronavirus pandemic when far fewer people are meeting at work and socializing in person, garlic-lovers are free to indulge in their passion with unbridled gusto.

Such is the reasoning behind the Japanese convenience store chain MINISTOP which is launching a new kind of potato chip called "Garlic Punch":

Garlic Punch potato chips

According to their press release: "People are spending more time at home, refraining from going out, teleworking, and having online drinking parties, so we've made these potato chips which have a strong impact. You'll appreciate the intense aroma and flavor of garlic that explodes the moment you open the bag and put them in your mouth, so it's perfect for those who are staying at home."

With its surprisingly strong impact and rich flavor "which exceeds expectations," Garlic Punch chips are great by themselves or as a snack for your next Zoom happy hour.

And if you do need to go out, you'll suddenly find that nobody will approach within a two-meter radius of your mouth, so it's great for social distancing.

Product information

  • Name (JP): ポテトチップス にんにくパンチ
  • Meaning: Potato Chips: Garlic Punch
  • Price: 100 JPY (108 JPY with tax or 110 JPY if you eat in)
  • On sale from: May 26th, 2020
  • Available at all 1,978 MINISTOP locations in Japan

By - Ben K.