In this period when we spend a lot of time at home, we sometimes need to add a touch of color and comfort in our daily routine. To feel more relaxed and have a good sleep, we also need to have an appropriate environment and cozy sleepwear to meet the conditions.

In this article, I put together a few of the popular Japanese brands for sleepwear and pajamas that also look chic and would make a great outfit for your online pajama parties.

Gelato pique pajamas

Gelato Pique is a Japanese brand for sleepwear. The materials and elaborate designs make this company one of the top brands when it comes to room wear.

What makes it so popular is the soft fabric they use and both the cute and stylish patterns of the pajamas. They use a variety of materials, soft fabrics such as satin, materials that are thicker, such as cotton, and even fabrics that make the pajamas super fluffy and cute. The sleepwear of Gelato Pique has a lot of variety and you can easily find one suitable for each taste.

Izumu (イズム/IZUMM) sleepwear

The materials of the brand Izumm are high-quality and very comfortable to wear. The design is rather simple and classic, so it suits any type of silhouette.

Aimerfeel pajamas

The Aimerfeel brand is known for its lingerie but also its kawaii(cute) sleepwear designs. They also have simple patterns, but they are again, very well known for the elaborate motifs, fluffy room wear, and characters’ decorative designs.

Narue pajamas

The brand Narue was launched in Japan and has been very popular among celebrities, too. The pajamas were often used in dramas and movies and they have such a wide variety that I am sure you can find the perfect design to suit your taste and personality.

Atsuko Matano pajamas

The brand Atsuko Matano is well-known for its fashion accessories and their attention to small details. The unique motifs and colors they use for their sleepwear have been popular among Japanese ladies and all are so fashionable that it is almost a waste to only wear it at home.

Here are my top recommendations for Japanese sleepwear. Which one is your favorite?

When you choose a pair of pajamas, remember to look for a comfortable fabric such as silk, cotton, and a softer material that is gentle on your skin.


It is important to choose sleepwear that can be washed at home and because you wear it every night, it’s better to go for a looser size so you can feel comfortable when sleeping.


By - cinnamonellie.