If you’re proud to be a Pokemon trainer, there’s many ways for you to express that love of the series through your every day wear. There’s Pokemon shirts that are even formal enough to wear to work, sportswear for active trainers, or underwear if you’d prefer to keep your Pokemon love under your outerwear. But when on the lookout for something sparkly, U-treasure is a Japanese jewellers that creates delicate pieces inspired by various Pokemon that can be worn by anyone, for any occasion.

There’s so many Pokemon to choose from in their range that there’s sure to be one that resonates with you. If you relate to the sparky energy of electric Pokemon, they recently released a lightning bolt necklace featuring all the fan favourites. Their latest addition to the lineup is a necklace featuring the spirit Pokemon of everyone with a changeable disposition, Ditto.

This constantly fluctuating pink blob can be any Pokemon he chooses and if you want to harness his chameleon-like powers, perhaps wearing him around your neck can help you to remember to be more adjustable.

Not just a flat charm, the small Ditto hanging off the necklace is detailed 360 degrees around so he looks cool however he falls.

The simple silver pendant is 13,200 yen, but if gold is your colour it can be copped in 18 carat yellow, pink or white gold for 60,500 yen. The most precious metal they offer is platinum 950, costing 71,500 yen.

The necklace can be preordered from the U-Treasure online store, or in their Shinjuku branch in Tokyo, where you can also find plenty of other cute Pokemon inspired items.

By - Jess.