This pink and expressionless, but cuddly character, is MAMO.

MAMO is one of many PC cushions sold in Japan. They're meant to be a cute companion that helps correct posture and relieve stress (MAMO is short for "mamoru", Japanese for "protect", as in it will protect you from bad posture and stress.) While obviously anyone who wants one can buy them, PC cushions are usually marketed towards working women.

Despite that, the makers of MAMO say in a press release that purchases of MAMO by men have doubled in comparison for the sales period last year. Given that this year's sales period began in March, which correlates right about to when work-from-home protocol was encouraged by companies due to the novel coronavirus, it's theorized that more men are getting MAMOs to relieve the stress of working from home.

Whether that's the reason or not, MAMO comes in different forms that can provide relief at home or the office. Here's a few:

Scented eggs that provide pleasant fragrances while also having a humidifying function.

A neck pillow.

A wrist rest for typing.

All MAMO types are available from Amepla in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.