This attachment is the most embarrassing mistake I’ve made this year.

This is how Juri (@jurimoti) captioned a recent Twitter post. Attracting over 90,000 likes and more than 9,000 retweets, let’s see what all the buzz is about.

Teacher Handles Student’s Mistaken Attachment with Grace

Juri took a test last month at her technical college. In the image below, her professor instructed students to correct their mistakes on the printout, take a picture, and upload the corrected file.

With permission from Juri (@jurimoti)

As Juri didn’t get a perfect score, she proceeded to fix her mistakes. Then she took a picture of the printout and uploaded the file for her teacher to check.

The only thing is… she didn’t upload the printout.

The image below shows a preview of the image she sent, along with her professor’s reply.

With permission from Juri (@jurimoti)

I was sent pudding.
Since you went through the trouble, please try to see if you can change or add another file.
If you can’t, I will accept the file by e-mail.

I was sent pudding.

Although printout and pudding are quite different words in English, プリント purinto and プリン purin are almost identical in Japanese and could be easily confused, as Juri regretfully found out.

Here is the picture she mistakenly sent to her professor.

With permission from Juri (@jurimoti)

Juri’s professor must have realized what an honest mistake it was and cut her some slack.

Perhaps the professor has a sweet tooth and softened at the sight of his student’s homemade pudding.

Whatever the reason, the professor’s gentle reaction to receiving the wrong file brought a smile to countless Twitter users.

  • I just love the professor’s reply, “I was sent pudding.”
  • At least the mistaken picture was of pudding!
  • The professor was so kind to let her resend the file. I want to give him the actual pudding.
  • LOL! I probably would have made the same mistake.

It seems that Juri was able to send the correct to her professor after all. But what remains to be seen is the fate of her homemade pudding...

By - Mujo.