We all like a good meal—going to specialty stores to get rare and expensive ingredients, spending hours preparing, half-a-day baking, and having friends over for an avant-garde dinner and a bottle of wine. The Instragrammable memories of such memorable occasions make up our social media photo-albums and are always fun.

But sometimes its too much. Especially living in Japan, where homemade cuisine can be time-consuming and excruciating to make (consider mothers making artisinal lunchboxes for their family). On days like these, the best thing to do is order in or run to a convenience store for a ready-made meal.

Or you can save a few bucks and make some easy and delicious dishes from the everyday foodstuffs in the nooks and crannies of your fridge. International digital food and travel network Tastemade has released a series of recipes that seem as simple as they do scrumptious. And none take much time, effort, or know-how.

Tastemade’s Easy and Fun Recipes

For the benefit of us all, Tastemade has compiled a video of their favorite foolproof recipes. They are simple concoctions for a Sunday lunch or the perfect plan for a lazy dinner. We'll break the recipes down below:

Simple Soy Milk Ice Cream

This one is super easy, although it takes a little time. Just grab your favorite soy milk packaged in a carton container. Pierce a hole in the container and freeze. Afterwards, cover in melted chocolate. Voila.

Marshmallow Pudding

Just grab some milk, marshmallows, and eggs, and you're ready to go. Heat the milk, throw in the marshmallows, and whisk in the eggs. Heat for a bit, and when done, you can pour the mixture back into the milk carton for easy storage. Cool the snack, and the carton will form it into a delicious pudding.

Potato Chip Omelets

It may not sound delicious, but it looks good. Take your leftover potato chips and place them in a large pot, partly filled with water. In the bags, add ingredients like cheese, sliced hot dogs, or frozen veggies to the remaining chips. Cook right there in the bag, and in a few minutes, you have some Sunday morning omelets, hassle-free.

Baked Cauliflower

I'm not so sure about this one, because I can't remember the last time I came across a cauliflower in Japan. Yet, when you find one, grab it and throw it into a pot of water. Stuff in ham and cheese and other goodies, cover with rue and cheese and throw it in the oven. It couldn't be simpler.

Inverted Eggs

Roll an egg in some tubing and spin for a bit. Add it to boiling water stirring all the while—hopefully, you're not dizzy yet. Roll the egg as you crack the shell and slice if desired. Goes well on ramen!


For this tasty dessert, add some sugar to a container of yogurt. Throw in some lemon juice and gelatin, and don't forget to add some cream cheese. If you want, you can add some food coloring before cooling. And that's it! Bon Appetit!

Balled Omelet Rice with Crab

Omelet rice is a typical breakfast/lunch item in Japan that essentially consists of eggs on rice with sauce. Ratcheting things up, boil some crab and in a separate bowl mix eggs, salt, and milk. In a cellophane wrap, pour in the eggs and add the crab as well as some boiled bamboo shoots. Tie the wrap off, boil, and serve on rice.

Hashed Potatoes

Thinly slice some potatoes and throw them into a bowl. Add salt, pepper, consomme (or a bouillon cube) seasoning, melted butter, and mix. Throw it all into a takoyaki cooker and top with cheese. Be sure to turn the potatoes as they cook.

Simple Ice Cream

Take a small bag of Oreo (or other) cookies, cut the top open, and pour in some cream. Be sure to stick in a popsicle stick or chopsticks. Next, melt some chocolate, pour in some nuts, and dip in the frozen dessert.

Crispy Sushi

You need a special sushi rolling device for this one. Once you have one, make a roll with your favorite cut of fish and fry using tempura batter. Easy.

Boiled Bird Bread

Never knew this existed, but, hey, there is a first time for everything. Mix eggs, flour, sugar, milk, and oil. Pour into an ice cube tray and add corn and sesame seeds. Boil.

Accordion Bread

Head to your local bakery and pick up a loaf of bread. Partially slice it and slide in some ham and cheese. In a separate bowl, mix milk, eggs, salt, and pepper. Pour it onto the bread and bake.

Accordion Potatoes

Big fans of accordions in Japan. Cut and slice a potato into an accordion-like shape and deep fry. Once finished, cover with oil and dip in ketchup. Make sure you make enough because they go quickly.

Egg Noodles

Mix eggs and flour, and pour the concoction into a plastic bag or icing spreader. Cut the bag's end and squeeze the contents into a heated mixture of water, soy sauce, dashi stock, chicken stock, garlic, and ginger. Serve like ramen.

Accordion Hot Dog Chips

Put a hot dog on a stick and slice like an accordion. Deep fry and serve with ketchup. What could be easier?

By - Luke Mahoney.