Japan has a great love for cats, and it definitely shows. There’s a wide array of cute but practical cat-themed items available in the country -- from carryable items like drawstring bags to wearable items like Japanese sandals and pretty much everything you can think of in between.

As our regular grape Japan readers probably know by now, Felissimo is a Japanese shop that sells everyday items, such as clothing, stationery, and home accessories. They have a special category in their shop called “Neko-bu (猫部)”, which translates to “cat club”. The name is an apt choice because everything -- and we mean everything -- they sell there is just wonderfully cat-related.

For people who want to take some cat cuteness with them while they’re on the go, Felissimo released a line of cat-themed items that can be used inside your car.

These cat pillows were made to be secured on to your car’s seatbelt as a place to rest your head on for those long rides. Plus, the outstretched kitties printed on them are a nice bonus too.

Another item from this line is the cat tissue holder. It can be wrapped around on to the back of the driver’s or the passenger’s seat, and you get a cat face adorably looking at you each time you take out a tissue.

The cat-themed car accessories, along with other cat-themed items, are available for purchase online through Felissimo’s website.

By - Jen Laforteza.