There’s many ways to emulate the iconic look sported by the main protagonists of classic magical girl anime Sailor Moon. New products are often released in Japan so you can dress like a Sailor Scout, and even smell like one.

One option for Sailor Moon fans is Sailor Moon themed cosmetics, which not only give your features a boost of anime-like beauty, but are also adorably packaged in the image of motifs and characters from the beloved series.

This new collaboration, from Japanese brand Shiseido, includes packaging inspired by the famous Sailor Moon transformation scene, when the Sailor Scouts change from ordinary teenagers into magical heroines. This is portrayed through glittering stars and a pink, purple and gold colour palette for the design. Just like the titular character herself, those who apply the cosmetics can undergo a transformation of their own, making this motif a fitting choice for makeup packaging.

It will be released through Shiseido’s ‘Maquillage’ brand, that also debuted a Sailor Moon line three years ago, which proved to be immensely popular and sold out in many stores.

This time around, the two offerings are both face products, to ensure that magical girl glow when used.

The first item is a limited edition compact case which has been created to house the ‘Dramatic Powdery UV Foundation’. There’s three colours available (Ochre 00, 10 or 20) and the set, including both the case and the foundation, costs 3850 yen (prices may vary store to store).

The second is a priming product, the ‘Dramatic Skin Sensor Base’, which has received a Sailor Moon-inspired makeover to its usual packaging. You can get either the ‘natural’ or ‘tone up’ variation and it costs 2860 yen.

These limited-time-only packaging designs will go on sale in Japan from 21st September, appearing in various retailers that stock Maquillage makeup.

By - Jess.