One of Japan’s top brewers, Kirin, comes with a great surprise during these times and starts the Home Tap Beer service which promises fresh draught beer delivered directly to your house.

If you ask me, nothing is better than a refreshing beer poured directly from the keg especially during the hot summers in Japan.

Source: PR Times

Kirin Brewery came up with a brilliant concept, called “Tank to Glass” and the whole idea focuses on enjoying a good beer on tap in your own house.

With this service, they promise us good quality, 100% authentic beer made from the best ingredients, with delicate aromas and flavors, directly from the keg.

You can also rent an adorable beer server, perfect for parties, or to create a fancy atmosphere and make the whole experience a more unique one. Thanks to the beer server, you can now enjoy that creamy foam in the comfort of your own home.

Kirin took all the precautions so that a fresh beer gets straight to you and carefully thought of the delivery method and the conditions that should be met when transporting the package, as well.

If you sign in as a member, you will also get limited-edition beers that can be enjoyed on tap and they will deliver it to you monthly.

As I said, it is possible to also rent a beer server together with the beers and it’s up to you when you want it to be delivered.

The date/time can be changed anytime and members are also lucky to get special brews twice a month.

The time, quantity, and schedule can be changed from either PC or smartphone by clicking your page and if you want an additional order or want to skip the beer for this month, you also can opt for that option.

The draught that gets delivered monthly is called "Ichiban Shibori Premium", but as I mentioned above, you will also get limited-edition beers and the company lets you know ahead of time what available brews they have.

Be aware, however, that you can’t make too many skips consecutively, and also, due to the popularity of the service, many people have been accessing the website, so getting back to you after filling in the form for subscription might take up to three months.

You can read more about how to register for the service and see what other options they have available on the Home Tap Kirin Official Website.

By - cinnamonellie.