I am a big fan of sweets in Japan and honestly, I love anything that looks "kawaii" and would make a great picture on my Instagram feed, as well.

There are many sweet temptations in Japan and not only are they tasty, but some look very unique and most of them are so cute that most of the time, you have such a difficult time choosing only one dessert from the menu.

This time, I picked some of my favorite summer treats that would delight your taste buds and also bring an adorable touch to your Instagram.

Here are my top picks:

Gourmet Shop’s “KUMO” in Nihonbashi/Ginza area

Just hearing the name of the shop, you’d feel like giving it a try, right? They have a wide variety of desserts such as cakes, tarts (my favorite is the lemon tart!), but one thing that caught my attention the first time I entered was “Kumo”.

"Kumo" is the Japanese word for "cloud" and after ordering it, I knew this is going on the top of my kawaii list.

I had a hard time trying to start eating it because it looks so fluffy, white, and magical!

I took a lot of pictures and after the first bite, I couldn’t stop until I finished it all. That's how tasty it was!

The delicious creamy inside and the crispy chocolate surrounding the dessert give it such a rich taste and I had a pleasant surprise finding out that the taste changes every season.

In summer, the mousse has peach flavors, in spring, it is strawberry, in autumn you can feel the sweet taste of chestnuts, while in winter it is a refreshing mix of yuzu and orange.

Now, I am looking forward to the next season so I can go and try it again.


Laduree Salon de Ginza’s Rose Macarons

We all know that the pastel colors of the macarons will always look great in photos, but Laduree Salon de Ginza brings us not only luxurious looking desserts but also the most delicious macarons you ever tasted.

You should try their rose macarons if you decide to go. The macarons look so elegant, are decorated with rose petals, and the rose ones are sweet and sour, just perfect for summer.

The location and interior are also great and you can enjoy a relaxing day in the peaceful atmosphere of the store, eating something delicious and cute, and watching people going by on the streets of Ginza.


Cookie Time’s Shakes and cookies in Harajuku/Omotesando

Cute interior, nice atmosphere, music, crunchy ice-cream, warm cookies, and delicious shakes! What else can you wish for?

I love their shakes and for those of you who don’t speak Japanese, you’ll be delighted to find out that Cookie Time has an English-friendly environment and even foreign staff members!

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Alfred Tea Room’s Bubble Tea

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Characterized by their pink aesthetic, everything from the shop’s interior to the beverages looks extremely good in pictures and it is unmistakably, one of the places worth to be on Instagram!

Very fashionable design, cute and tasty drinks, a must-try!


Laitier’s bittersweet Soft cream

I just love the aesthetics of Laitier and their Tiramisu soft cream is super tasty!

You can take very nice photos with their sweets just at the entrance of the shop as it looks so photogenic and cute!


These are my top five recommendations of spots and sweets in Japan that go perfect on Instagram and would love to hear yours!

By - cinnamonellie.