Fans of Pop Team Epic will surely recall the 13th episode's homage to prolific animator Masari Obari in the form of Super Pipimi BARI mode. The robot also made a guest appearance in the Super Robot Wars X-Ω smartphone game.

As revealed back in February when the model was shown unpainted at Wonder Hobby 31, Good Smile has made fans happy by creating a fully articulated MODEROID plastic model kit of Super Pipimi BARI Mode, complete with a Sushi Popuko figure.

Good Smile Company's MODEROID model kits pre-painted parts allowing you to easily put the model together and look amazing right out of the box. Featuring very detailed designs which can also be painted for a more detailed look, they're great both for model kit beginners and for dedicated hobbyists.

According to their English website:

The model's BARI sculpt and articulation allows you to recreate all kinds of BARI poses. Both a standard and forced-perspective version of the great sword Lord of Calamity are included, along with the Valiant Cannon and missile pods. A face part with mask partially removed is also included. It started off as a silly concept, but make no mistake, this has become a truly high-quality, full-spec plastic model kit! The plastic model is primarily made of PS&ABS plastic, and features five colors of runners (white, red, yellow, blue and gray) and stickers, making it easy to totally recreate the mecha with a simple assembly!

Both a standard and forced-perspective version of the great sword Lord of Calamity are included.

The Valiant Cannon and missile pods are included.

An interchangeable face part with partially removed mask is included.

Sushi Popuko comes with the kit unpainted. Eye decals are included.

Product Details

  • Name: MODEROID Super Pipimi BARI Mode
  • Release Date: 2020/12
  • Price: ¥5,364 + tax
  • Specifications: Assemblable PS&ABS plastic model kit. Not to scale.
  • Height: Approximately 160mm in height when built.
  • Sculptor: Super Pipimi BARI Mode: Aran Moriguchi,Sushi Popuko: POLY-TOYS
  • Pre-order from July 7th to September 2nd 9 PM (JST)
  • Release: December 2020
  • Good Smile product page (EN)

By - Ben K.