"Big" and "realistic" are the two go-to words when it comes to describing Japanese retailer Village Vanguard's catalog of quirky animal-themed goods, which boasts giant Japanese flying squirrel clocks and creepily lifelike squid 2-way neck pillows.

Their latest batch of goods is a collaboration with Japanese plushie maker Sakae that follows that trend, although they have a bit more of a cartoonish look depending on whether you're comparing to their underwater counterpart or the type you see in the supermarket--giant wearable octopus plushie tentacles.

The giant octopus tentacles are being called a "stuffed animal", but have slots to comfortably insert your limbs to complete your crimson Cthulian transformation.

They're available in both "curled" (56 cm/22 inches) and "extended" (66 cm/26 inches) types. Village Vanguard says they're modeled after the packaged octopus tentacles found in fish markets and seafood sections of supermarkets, hence the extra red look. The cotton stuffed tentacles have a firm texture that is comfortable to wear, but their large size also makes them useful--if somewhat strange--pillows.

A snug and comfy fit for your days as an octopus.

If that's a bit too big for your octopus fan needs, they're also carrying similar over sized octopus key-chains and bag straps, which are also wearable on your fingers.

Village Vanguard currently sells the curled (8,800 yen) and extended (6,380 yen) and both key-chains (1,320 yen) at their online shop for retail in Japan. The arm and key-chain are also available on Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.