One of Japan’s most popular outlet malls, if not the most popular, is the Gotemba Premium Outlets located in Shizuoka, in Gotemba City.

The mall is famous not only for its size but also for the splendid view of Mount Fuji that can be seen from the outlets on a sunny day.

The shoppers can take their time and explore the surroundings while enjoying the magnificent scenery of Japan’s remarkable natural environment and its most famous icon, Mount Fuji.

The outlets in Gotemba have been around since July 2000 and have an impressive number of stores that have now increased even further this year with a new shopping area: Hill Side.

The new area consists of 88 new stores, that include many famous brands, such as Puma, Converse, Yoshie Inaba, Lacoste, Seiko, LOWRYS FARM, and so on.

There's a wide variety when it comes to fashion and fashion goods. You can also enjoy several stores centered on hobbies and outdoor activities such as LEGO, Sanrio, Royal Copenhagen, etc.

You will also find a few stores open for a limited time such as Sabon and a few stores opening for the first time as outlet stores in Japan!

What makes it even better is the food choices and the one-of-a-kind restaurants that have opened in "FOOD HALL" in the new Hill Side area. Here, you can enjoy local dishes from Shizuoka or find the right meal for you.

In addition to 16 restaurants with delightful gourmet choices, you'll also get to enjoy a splendid view of Japan’s tallest mountain right in front of your eyes. Isn’t that wonderful? Just think of eating local dishes while looking at the majestic Fuji-san in all its splendor!

The new area is perfect for relaxing and even has a playground with a merry-go-round, trains, even a drop twist, which makes it enjoyable for both children and adults.

Both the bus terminal and Hotel Clad Konohana-no-Yu connected you to the new area, making everything very accessible and an easy shopping trip.

All you need to do is go downstairs and you'll step right into the shopping area.

If you want to find out more about the stores and restaurants in the new area, you can check out the Gotemba Premium Outlet HILLSIDE Official Website.


By - cinnamonellie.