Beer can be used in Japan to express many aspects of Japanese culture. From matcha beer that celebrates the country’s love for green tea, to regional and seasonal specialty beers. Asahi in particular have previously treated drinkers to beautifully designed cans inspired by cherry blossom season.

But Asahi’s latest offering is possibly their most Japanese contribution yet. Firstly, the ale is called 'Fujisan' (the Japanese name for Mount Fuji), a reference to one of the most culturally important and iconic sights in Japan.

The 'powerfully rich' beverage is brewed with 100% Japanese ingredients. Domestically sourced malt and hops have been selected, and even rice grown in Mount Fuji’s water has been used.

Not just the ingredients, but the outward appearance of the drink also reflects the theme. This version of Asahi’s Fujisan comes in an especially Japanese can, emblazoned with a design based on Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’. This instantly recognisable print comes from the artist’s collection of views of Mount Fuji, and is a beautiful way to express the origin of the beer’s ingredients.

The beer is currently being sold in limited quantities, and can only be found in Aeon stores that sell alcohol.

By - Jess.