A mother of one and a stop-motion animator Yasuko Abe (@yakko_8) has once posted a stop-motion animation about a mother putting a child to bed, which went viral on the internet with many sympathizing voices saying, “Too real”.

“Literally laughed out loud”, “This is so real”; take a look at the stop-motion video of mother trying to put a child to sleep.

This time, again, using first edition of “Evangelion” figurine (Eva) as a mom, and a little mouse from “Silvania family” as a little child, Yasuko portrayed a glimpse of common struggle in parenthood.

What would the Eva do if the baby mouse refuses to get dressed…?

Eva is trying to get the baby mouse dressed, and the grumpy mouse is just not having it. After some struggles, Eva comes up with an idea to ease the child to calm down. Take a look at Eva’s attempt to tackle the parenthood;

Eva started singing, suddenly, taking the baby by surprise. It seemed as though the strategy worked… until he stopped singing. The baby mouse went right back to throwing tantrum again!

It was never going to be that easy.

This seems to be a very common event for parents, and there were many sympathetic comments to the post:

I used the exact strategy this morning, and also failed…

The notion of never-ending cycle is just too real and familiar, it’s making me want to cry!

I used to do this repeatedly for my child, too. I can’t help but to see the figurine as a mother now!

I love this so much. It’s also encouraging to all parents out there, too. I hope you can make it into a series!

There is no set-manual in parenting. Every day, many parents go through all sorts of trial and errors with their children in every day-to-day situation.

As you can imagine, this plot makes you realize that there are many parents out there who are on the same boat, with the same struggles. This inevitably brought some relief in many parents showing them that they are not alone.

By - Mugi.