Rinko Murata

Popular Japanese model Rinko Murata 村田倫子 is no stranger to brand direction. In addition to her career as a runway model, a fashion model for magazines such as MORE and SPRiNG, and appearing in ads as "image character" for many well-known Japanese brands such as FUJIFILM and Zoff, since 2014 she has produced everything from smartphone cases to original apparel items, accessories, footwear and eyewear. Moreover, leveraging her talent for writing and her appreciation for good eating, she has several ongoing dining-related columns in which she introduces curry shops and interesting watering holes.

With that kind of background, it makes sense that Murata would be tapped to produce and put her own "stamp" on a refreshing new alcoholic beverage which goes well with food.


The star ingredient of Awasu is the sudachi 酢橘, a small, round, green citrus fruit with a distinctive sour taste.

Awasu (which means "to match") is a clear sparkling cocktail-type beverage with a 6% alcoholic content. Using sudachi sourced from Tokushima Prefecture, it has a light citrus flavor that pairs well with everything from sashimi, hearty meat dishes, or as an accompaniment to snacks.

Created with the concept of "an alcoholic beverage for your self-care time," Awasu is, in Murata’s words, “a special luxury you can enjoy as a reward for a hard day's work." Presented in a can with a twist-off cap, it's easy to access and enjoy.

Moreover, since both the can and the original box for the set exclusively available from the KURAND online store are artfully designed with a motif featuring Murata's likeness and sudachi fruits, Awasu also makes a great gift.

Product Information

  • Price: 450 JPY + tax
  • Sold in sets of 6 or 24 cans
  • Alcohol: 6%
  • Volume: 270 ml
  • Ingredients: Brewer's alcohol, sudachi juice, sugar, honey, sake, carbon dioxide gas, flavoring
  • Manufacturer: Honke Matsuura Brewery
  • Seller: Liquor Innovation
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Sudachi pairs well with food

Sudachi has long been known in Japan as a versatile cooking ingredient. Both the juice and the peel have been used not only in traditional Japanese dishes but also as a good complement to many of the oilier foods and snacks found in modern cuisine. It's also known to be a wonderful palate cleanser.

By - Ben K.