If I were to go home and sift through the boxes in my parents' basement, I'd come across many memories. Old yearbooks, school textbooks, baseball trophies, and achievement awards...in participation. Yeah, I used to be able to participate with the best of 'em.

Sure enough, there is likely still a box marked "TMNT." As any 90s kid knows, that acronym could mean nothing other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I collected their action figures, and their Saturday morning cartoon was my church. Although I'm sure I spent too much time playing with the figurines, there is too much nostalgia involved to simply let them go.

Illustrator Rushiko (@39baby_com) is a mother of a one-year-old boy. As a young lad, he's becoming active and interested in helping his mother out around the house—where he can. One day, Rushiko gave him a small trash bag to see if he was up to the task. The ordeal was pretty precious:

Reproduced with permission from Rushiko (@39baby_com)

Reproduced with permission from Rushiko (@39baby_com)

Reproduced with permission from Rushiko (@39baby_com)

When it came down to it, he made the right choice and was capable all by himself—what a big boy.

Other mothers cooed in the comments section:

  • "I understand feeling like your child is a 'genius.' It's amazing when they start acting all grown-up."
  • “This scene is too cute to imagine. It’s great that he could do it the right way in the end.”
  • “Our child always applauds herself when she accomplishes something. I can’t help but laugh.”

You can find more manga by Rushiko on her Twitter feed or her Ameba page. Check them out.

By - Luke Mahoney.