If you bike a lot, you can appreciate the benefit of having a sturdy, lightweight bike. If you follow bike-related or crowdfunding news, then you may have also heard about the Superstrata Bike. Now going through a highly successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the Superstrata is being billed as the world's first 3D-printed custom unibody carbon fiber composite bike and e-bike. With 18 days left in the main campaign, it has already exceeded an astonishing 5000% of its original goal, which is impressive considering the price of the bike is in the 4 digits.

Let's draw one more circle in our Venn diagram and include fans of the classic Japanese tokusatsu hero franchise Ultraman. With a popular manga (since 2011) and anime sequel (since 2019) and a Marvel comic adaptation coming out soon, interest in Ultraman is strong right now.

If you find yourself at the intersection of these three (bikers, bikers looking for a new sturdy, lightweight bike, and fans of the original Ultraman), then you're the prime target for a special version of the Superstrata just announced by Arevo Inc. today: The Superstrata Ultraman edition

According to the press release, Ultraman, capable of defeating the most powerful enemies, and the Superstrata, with its unibody frame made of thermoplastic carbon fiber composites 61 times stronger than steel yet weighing less than 1.3 kgs, share a common quality, which is their strength. This theme is reflected in this special edition's design.

The color design reflects Ultraman's red and silver body while including a motif inspired by Ultraman's color timer.

Taking a hint from the name of Ultraman's home, Nebula M78, the first 78 customers to place their orders will be eligible for a special discounted price.

  • Superstrata Ultra-C (sports bike)
  • MSRP: USD $3299
  • First 39 orders: USD $1799 (45% off MSRP)

  • Superstrata Ultra-E (e-bike)
  • MSRP: USD $4499
  • First 39 orders: USD $2299 (49% off MSRP)

Note: If you're already a backer, you can change your order to the Ultraman edition by paying the difference.

To learn more about the Superstrata, see their Indiegogo campaign page here, and to learn more about the Ultraman edition, see their special website here.

By - Ben K.