For many, catching a glimpse of the morning sun as it rises above Mount Fuji (known as Diamond Fuji) is the ultimate experience in Japan. However, not everyone is an early bird and instead find that their body-clocks are more intune with the still of the night.

This special one-day (or shall we say night) limited programme from Hoshinoya Fuji gives guests the rare chance to experience a picnic with views of Mount Fuji under the moonlight.

The programme is available from 1 September to 30 November on half-moon and full-moon nights only.

Autumn is the best season to see the moon with its clear air and comfortable climate. Since ancient times there have been customs in Japan to enjoy moonlit evenings, however, with urbanisation and the accompanying street lights, it has become difficult to enjoy the natural moonlight. Therefore, in order to truly appreciate the beauty of an autumn moonlit evening, it is best to don your hiking boots and to leave the neon cities behind – this trekking experience from Hoshinoya Fuji gives guests the rare opportunity to do just that.

Starting from the Hoshinoya Fuji glamping resort in Yamanashi Prefecture, guests will trek near the shore of Lake Yamanaka up to the summit of Mount Teppogi-no-Atama (1200 metres) where they can enjoy a midnight picnic with a backdrop of Mount Fuji and the Lake. The trek and evening will be fully supported by an experienced trekking guide and will last roughly 5 hours.

Even for those who are familiar with the outdoors, trekking at night can be difficult, but with the skills and knowledge of the accompanying professional guide, guests can hike through the mountains at the foot of Mount Fuji with peace of mind.
Mountaineering items such as trekking shoes and headlamps will be provided and fitted by the resort. In addition, at the summit, comfortable seats and a special seasonal picnic will be prepared by the trekking guide. With everything provided by the resort, there is no need to carry any heavy and unnecessary luggage up the slopes in the dark.

After arriving at the summit of Mount Teppogi-no-Atama, participants will enjoy a dinner inspired by the Japanese mid-autumn festival known as Tsukimi. A hands-on dinner, guests can try out cooking outdoors under the supervision of the trekking guide.

Menu Example

Appetizer: Six varieties of fermented autumn foods
Warm appetizer: Moon-themed bouillabaisse (fish stew)
Main: Roasted venison meat, seasonal harvest vegetables and Tsukimi risotto
Dessert: “Crescent moon and venus” orange crepe suzette

Mount Teppogi-no-Atama is the location where guests will enjoy their moonlit picnic and viewing of Mount Fuji. Situated on the eastern shore of Lake Yamanaka, the base of the mountain is about a 40 minute drive from the Hoshinoya Fuji Glamping Resort.
The trekking tour will begin at sunset and will follow the trail that reaches the summit of 1200 metres in roughly 30 minutes.
With no surrounding obstructions or artificial lights, the summit of Mount Teppogi-no-Atama is one of the best locations to view Mount-Fuji and Lake Yamanaka in the glow of the moonlight at the same time.
Whilst busy with hikers in the daytime, at night the trail is normally empty and provides a tranquil location for those looking for a unique nighttime experience.

Example “Mount Fuji Moonlight Picnic” Schedule

16:00 Depart from Hoshinoya Fuji Glamping Resort by vehicle
17:00 Start trekking from the base of Mount Teppogi-no-Atama
17:30 Arrive at the summit and enjoy an outdoor dinner
19:30 Begin descent of the mountain
21:00 Arrive back at Hoshinoya Fuji Glamping Resort by vehicle

The Mount Fuji Moonlight Picnic trekking tour will be running from 1 September to 30 November 2020. The tour and accommodation costs 60,000 yen (excluding tax and services) and will be limited to one group per day of 1-2 people.
More information and reservations can be made online at the Hoshinoya Fuji official website.

*Departure times may change depending on the time of sunset and moonrise, and in the situation of bad weather the trip may be cancelled even on short notice.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.