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Top six beaches in and near Tokyo to chill out during hot summers in Japan

You’d think that finding nice beaches where you can sit, relax, read a book and get away from the noise of the metropolis might be a little hard to do.

However, there are quite a few nice beaches in and nearby Tokyo where you can escape the skyscrapers and the concrete jungle, see beautiful sunsets, have a good beer while getting a nice tan, take awesome pictures wearing enormous straw hats (if that's your thing) or just simply relax and chill.

Beaches in Tokyo

I will be honest and tell you that even though you can find beaches in Tokyo, the water quality might not be the greatest. Because of that particular reason, you can’t fully enter the water, but getting in with just your feet should be okay.

You will find nice sand beaches where you can enjoy sunbathing such as:

Odaiba Beach

Odaiba Beach is located in Odaiba and there are many things around to visit. The scenery is gorgeous and you can enjoy many events during summer as well as beach sports and sunbathing.


Kasai Kaihin Park Beach in Kasai Rinkai Park

One awesome thing about this sandy beach is that it also has a Ferris wheel nearby and is super close to Tokyo Disneyland! When the water is good, you can even go for a swim!


Beaches near Tokyo

Now that we are out of Tokyo, we have more options to choose from! My first recommendation would be:

Enoshima Beaches

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The Shonan Coast has so many good beaches and the Enoshima ones are probably in the top most popular in the area. What awaits you is good music and a good atmosphere. I am sure you'll fall in love with it.

If you are into surfing, I recommend Kugenuma Beach, also very well-known for beach sports.


Shirahama Beach on the Izu Peninsula

A bit further away from the capital, we have the beaches of the Izu Peninsula.

Shirahama Beach has amazingly clear water and is one of the most famous beaches in the area.

The view is breathtaking, the food is delicious, and there are many facilities available. It has the best sand and water, showers, and everything you could wish for.

There are mountains around, too, so you’ll see some green areas which makes it feel like a slice of paradise.

The entire Izu Peninsula has a lot to offer, so I recommend checking out all the other beaches and attractions if you plan on going there.


Niemonjima Beach on the Boso Peninsula

If you love swimming, snorkeling, and rocky beaches, then Niemonjima is your perfect choice. The serene view this place offers makes it worth visiting!


Ōarai Sun Beach

Ōarai is located in Ibaraki and the beach is very close to the outlet shopping mall, Resort Outlets Oarai.

Being one of the biggest beaches in Ibaraki, it doesn’t feel overcrowded so you can take your time to relax while sunbathing.

Also, if you're an anime fan, Ōarai is the setting for the anime "GIRLS und PANZER," so on your way back from the beach, you can make an "anime pilgrimage" and see the shopping district where nearly all the shops participate with cardboard cutouts of the characters, posters, special exclusive goods and much more.


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