Here at grape Japan, we've seen our share of layered drinks with cheese foam and drinks containing jelly, even desserts containing shaved ice and cheese foam together. But until now, we've never seen a layered drink with jelly, granita, juice, foam and more all in the same drink. Well, it looks like we may possibly have a new contender for trending drink in Fall 2020!

From the sagacious sweet-tooths at Sarutahiko Coffee comes the "Jellatte":

The concept for Jellatte, which combines the words "jelly" and "latte" with a nod to "jealousy" (as in, "your friends will be jealous of you"), is marketed as a new drink sensation combining layers of variously flavored and textured jellies along with tea, coffee, milk, foam, granita, and more.

Using layers of jelly creates separations allowing for different ways of enjoying it. You can shake and mix to create the texture and flavor of your choice. The more you shake, the more the flavors blend. But before you shake, you'll want to take out your camera or smartphone. With its multiple layers and colors, it's begging to be uploaded to your Instagram account.

Jellatte is slated to become one of Sarutahiko's signature dessert drinks, with more flavors being released each season.

Let's take a look at the debut lineup.

Jellatte debut lineup

Caramel Pudding Mango Jellatte

Caramel Pudding Mango Jellatte features homemade caramel jelly, milk jelly, and special mango sauce. Ethiopian lightly roasted beans are used for the coffee jelly. The deep flavor particular to Ethiopian coffee and the tropical flavor of mango impart a rich sweetness and freshness to the drink. The combination of caramel jelly and milk jelly creates a rich pudding-like taste, and the mint on top balances out the flavor.

Price: 700 JPY + tax (one size only)

White Peach Jasmine Milk Tea Jellatte

Juicy peach and soothingly sweet milk jelly combine with the freshness of jasmine tea and mint in this drink called White Peach Jasmine Milk Tea Jellatte. The peach jelly made from domestic white peaches is packed with chunks of white peach. The contrast between pink and white looks pretty, and the white peach and jasmine milk are a perfect match.

Price: 750 JPY + tax (one size only)

Jellatte drinks go on sale from September 15th, 2020, and will be available at all Sarutahiko Coffee locations.

For more information, visit Sarutahiko Coffee's website here
(Information on Jellatte is not currently listed and may appear after its release on September 15th).

By - Ben K.