Beloved animation giant Studio Ghibli, and particularly anime icon Hayao Miyazaki (who will be honored as the inaugural focal point of the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures) are often celebrated for their dedication to producing traditional hand-drawn animation. Something about the "good 'ol fashioned" aesthetic makes the works of Studio Ghibli all the more charming.

So you might expect a 3-D CG recreation of Studio Ghibli's classic works to fall short and simply be a computerized imitation. That's clearly not the case with the latest 3-D model from Granicoph, which masterfully recreates Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind in CG. It's almost impossible to believe this is a work of 3-D CG art, and not an actual Studio Ghibli animation cel.

Click and drag the arrow of "Nausicaa in Toxic Jungle" and you'll be treated to a true artistic gem.

One might expect a model to have even a slightly rough or bumpy quality to them, but Granicoph's art (which has VR headset support) is so smooth it could easily be confused with a cel at Studio Ghibli's headquarters. From every angle, it feels as if you are pausing a scene from the anime classic.

Granicoph also previously recreated Nausicaa on her glider.

Be sure to follow Granicoph's Art Station and Sketchfab to keep up with the ongoing Nausicaa project and more awesome artwork.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.