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Quirky and convenient products to buy from Daiso in Japan

It is always so much fun to get into Daiso and discover the many bizarre products they have on sale or a variety of convenient items that can be a lifesaver during everyday life.

Last time, I went to the Harajuku Daiso with a friend and found all these crazy items that I thought of sharing with you:

Travel face packs

I went to the beauty corner of the shop that is on the second floor, and I saw something that looks similar to Aspirin Effervescent tablets, so it caught my attention.

I mean, why would medication be in the same place as toners and face wash?

So, I got closer, and I saw it was written “compressed facial masks” on it.

All have the size of candy or mint, so it is easy to take it during your travels. 

All you need to do is to put some 化粧水/ keshou-sui (liquid facial lotion) on it and let it do its magic.

I find it such a brilliant and innovative idea and undoubtedly a must-have in your purse.

You never know when you need a facial pack!

For just one dollar, you get 35 compressed facial masks, so I think that is super cheap!

You can also buy a lot of face lotions from Daiso while there.

Daiso Brush Cleaner Solution

I feel that the Brush Cleaner has been a good purchase, and it does its job.

The solution keeps all my brushes and sponges very clean, so I warmly recommend trying it out.

Daiso Brush Cleaner Box

In the same category, we also have the Daiso Brush Cleaner Box. You can pour a solution for cleaning at your choice and also effectively remove all the dirt.

Because of its bottom pad, it allows you to clean your brushes thoroughly, and after finished, you can also use it as a holder. Two in one!

I also have another one for my paintbrushes, so it isn’t limited to just make-up one, so I feel like it is a great buy!

Poop pencil mascots and magnets

From the unusual things’ category, I found these small poop mascots and magnets.

Japan seems to have a lot of kawaii poop items (even a poop museum or a poop sensei that teaches you kanji), so I feel that it can be a fun souvenir for your friends.

I mean, poop pencil mascots or poop magnets are not something you can easily find.But rest assured, the design is super kawaii and unique, so I bet it will make a great gift!

If you want something even more bizarre, you can always get the stress reliever squishy poop. It is very slimy and a bit disgusting, but my point is that you have lots of weird things you can choose from.

Ohashi Oki お箸置き/ Chopsticks rest

Since coming to Japan, I have only been using chopsticks for the past five years and the Ohashi Oki are a great asset to my tableware and keep my chopsticks and table clean.


At first, I used to put them on my bowl, but there were many times they’d fall, so I think that the chopsticks rest is extremely useful.

Again, you can find a lot of designs, from weird to cute, and my most favorites are the seasonal ones (like sakura petals) or the kitten ones


These were my top five 100-yen picks. Which one was your favorite?

By - cinnamonellie.