CheeseTable, as the name suggests, specializes in dishes featuring cheese. Whether its fondues or grilled meats and vegetables drizzled in Raclette cheese for lunch or dinner, or cheesecakes, waffles with mascarpone topping or tiramisu for dessert, they're sure to have something to please most cheese-lovers.

When it comes to takeout offerings, their 飲めるチーズケーキ nomeru chīzukēki ("drinkable cheesecake") dessert drinks have been very popular. But now, from October 5th, 2020 and for a limited time, CheeseTable is improving on an already sinfully delicious drink lineup by topping them with "millefeuille" pies. The upgrade adds a satisfying crispy and crunchy texture that perfectly matches the smooth, rich and cheesy contents of the drink beneath it.

Drinkable cheesecake millefeuille pie

These new drinks are available in two varieties:

Millefeuille green tea pie

Price: 780 JPY in-store, 730 JPY takeout

A mix of Japanese sweets and cheesecake, this drink is topped with warabimochi, Azuki red beans, shiratama dumplings, and chestnut sandwiched inside a millefeuille pie.

Millefeuille apple berry pie

Price: 780 JPY in-store, 730 JPY takeout

The delightful tartness of berry sauce and homemade apple compote harmonize with the drinkable cheesecake in a winning combination.

These two newcomers join CheeseTable's existing "drinkable cheesecake" dessert drinks in the fall menu:

Honey mascarpone

Price: 600 JPY in-store, 550 JPY takeout

One of the first "drinkable cheesecake" drinks when they came out in 2019, the Honey mascarpone is always a favorite.

Tiramisu Oreo

Price: 600 JPY in-store, 550 JPY takeout

Another popular drink from CheeseTable's initial lineup returns. Chocolate cheese cream blended with Oreos and coffee jelly create an exciting blend of textures and delicious flavors.

You can pick up your drinkable cheesecake drink at the CheeseTable in Shinjuku or Ikebukuro.

By - Ben K.