Cat Vs. Grasshopper

Ok, so admittedly it’s not the most even matchup. Not even close really.

But this time there’s a twist.

Vadu (@11Vadu) posted this video on October 3, 2020, and it’s already gotten over 2 million views and 155,000 likes.

He captioned the video 『九死に一生』, which translates as “narrow escape from death.”

No doubt it’s an apt title.

Grasshopper’s brush with death

Right in front of the camera, we see the grasshopper, seemingly unaware of the potential danger its life is in.

Nearby, a cat is busily grooming itself until it finally notices the little bugger. He stretches out one final time before approaching for the kill…

Only to decide against attacking as he flops down on his side and rolls over, peering at the camera with bright, blue eyes.

He casually goes back to licking himself as the grasshopper crawls out of sight to live another day.

To equal the grasshopper’s indifference to it’s brush with death, our feline friend doesn’t seem particularly concerned about where it cleans itself...that being on the side of the road.

Luckily no cars came by to disturb our face-off.

Voices from the Net

Viewers were quick to react to Vadu’s video.

  • In the end, I didn’t expect the cat’s reaction.
  • What a twist ending! I thought for sure he’d attack…
  • I was kept in suspense until the end. What a relief!
  • How unexpected! This is why cats are so cute.

Cats never fail to surprise. They certainly do act according to their whims. Perhaps on another day the grasshopper wouldn’t have been so lucky.

Vadu followed up with a second video to say farewell to our little grasshopper friend.

By - Mujo.