Whether you're a train buff, a Mount Fuji enthusiast, a photographer with a preference for the night, someone interested in unique experiences, or perhaps all of the above, we have a proposal for you:

The Gakunan Railway Line, operated by the Gakunan Electric Train Co., Ltd. (岳南電車株式会社 Gakunan Densha Kabushiki-gaisha), is located in the southern foothills of Mt. Fuji within the industrial area of Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture. The line, which runs between Yoshiwara 吉原 and Gakunan-Enoo 岳南江尾駅 stations is renowned for providing stunning views of Japan's most famous mountain, but also famous among train buffs and nighttime photography enthusiasts for the views of the stations and platforms at night. Moreover, for factory and industrial zone photo enthusiasts, it periodically offers special nighttime runs with the lights turned off as it threads through illuminated industrial structures, offering a fantasy-like spectacle.

While these nighttime tours are already a treat, Gakunan Electric Train Co., Ltd. has just announced a one evening-only special opportunity of an even rarer kind:

"Night Stay Home" in Yoshiwara

Particpants will be able to stay at Yoshiwara Station terminus after normal train service has ended, and spend the night in a stopped 8000 series train carriage!

You can choose to spend the evening as you wish, and even sleep on the seats. Sleeping completely stretched out on a train seat is obviously frowned upon during normal train service hours, not to mention a possible violation of the Japanese Railway Operation Act, but for once, you have official permission to do so!

Reproduced with permission from © Gakunan Electric Train Co., Ltd.

If you're dressed warmly enough, you can even sleep on the bench on the station platform:

But you may not want to sleep through the whole evening or you'll miss an activity planned in the middle of the night: a guided "nighttime wandering tour" which will certainly be of interest to train buffs.

Reproduced with permission from © Gakunan Electric Train Co., Ltd.

Reproduced with permission from © Gakunan Electric Train Co., Ltd.

Weather permitting, you'll be able to experience an incredible sunrise and then, of course, splendid views of Mount Fuji. Take a ride on the Gakunan Railway Line and enjoy the vista from the train window!

It's a unique experience just in and of itself, or you can combine it with other destinations in Fuji or Fujinomiya cities and surrounding areas. You can visit the historic commercial district of Yoshiwara shopping street, the famous Shiraito Falls or Lake Tanuki, and much more. The city of Numazu is not far away either.


  • Date: Evening of Nov. 13 (Fri.) to morning of Nov. 14 (Sat.)
  • Time: From 23:00 to 5:30
  • Place: Gakunan Railway Yoshiwara Station
  • Access: Less than 90 minutes from Tokyo Station, transfer from the JR Tokaido Main Line.
  • Cost: 10,000 JPY (participants 17 or under must be accompanied by a legal guardian)
  • Capacity: 15 (minimum of 5 required for event to be held)
  • Train: 8000 series
  • Meeting point: Gakunan Railway Yoshiwara Station
  • Reservations: Puchase electronic tickets on the online shop GAKUTETSU STORE (no cancelations)
  • Inquiries: 0545-53-5111 (Japanese only) from 9:00 to 17:00

  • If you're interested in the nighttime scenery train tours, see here for details.

By - Ben K.