Loft is a chain of stores in Japan that can only be categorized as a “variety store” due to the wide assortment of things they sell. Perhaps one of the things they’re most known for is home decor. In the past, they’ve dipped their toes into the world of pop culture by collaborating with franchises to create original goods inspired by popular characters.

This time, they collaborated with the creators of the immensely popular role-playing video game series, Dragon Quest, to release a series of home decor items featuring none other than the game’s iconic slime monster.

The slime is a monster that’s familiar to anyone who’s played the games. They’ve appeared in every Dragon Quest game to date, and their adorable smiling face has made them popular amongst the series’ fans.

Loft’s new collection features the bright yellow variation of the monster -- called the lemon slime -- in an assortment of home decorations. It includes an almost two-feet (60 cm) tall giant slime cushion (priced at 17,380 yen) that dual-purposes as a bean bag you can sit on.

However, there are also significantly smaller items if you want to show your love for the games in a more subtle way. The lemon slime teapot (2,750) is a cute use of the character’s teardrop shape for an everyday kitchen item, and the hourglass (2,420 yen) has twin lemon slimes inverted on top of each other. There is also a variety box of slime merchandise, priced at 4,978 yen, that includes a plush tissue dispenser and clear tumblers.

You can view and purchase the Dragon Quest lemon slime home decorations through Loft’s online store.

By - Jen Laforteza.